Product Development


We just don’t 3D Model and 3D Print, we can make the concepts in your mind into a reality, from the very scratch.

We provide you a dedicated professional for your project which provides you full consultation throughout the process for the design,functionality, finishes, choosing different materials, 3D printing or traditional manufacturing technologies, low volume production to high volume production and also towards the business point of view.

As a 3D printing service bureau, we believe that our client must be
accompanied at each step of his project. With skills, technology and mastery of the 3D printing technology, our business and customer services are here to help you to achieve great projects.

Our product design services includes

Accelerate your market speed

Quickly iterate prototypes

Optimize your production

Best technologies and materials

Simplify your supply chain

Transition to digital manufacturing

Custom Solution for all client requirement

At Proto21, we take care of all your 3D printing requirements starting from 3D designing to final product. We dedicate project managers for reach project to ensure smooth project flow and that the client is supported through every step of his requirement. We believe that every idea of yours require different custom solutions.

Unmatched Quality

The quality work of Proto21 is unmatched and that is why we invite you to trust in our team of experts for all your additive manufacturing services. We are driven to provide you with the best quality and services without comprising on time and cost.

Wide Material Selection

Material selection is a huge factor in additive manufacturing and that is why only choose the best suppliers for this process. We work with Filamentive which is one of the top best FDM filament manufacturer in the world as they only use recycled materials to ensure sustainability in their production. Similarly consumables like nylon powder from HP are biocompatible and reusable to avoid wastage of

Fully Equipped Facility

Proto21 3D Printing LLC is equipped with Additive Manufacturing
technologies like,FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), SLA (stereolithography
apparatus), 3D Systems Projet 660 Pro ( Full color 3D printing) & HP MJF
(Multi Jet Fusion technology) which makes us the only 3D printing service
provider offering this latest technology in whole MENA region. We have
special customized paint booths for all types of high Quality Paint Jobs along with 4 Axis CNC machining router and laser cutter.



We believe that transparency and trust
combined together will support a
sustainable organic growth. The road to transparency may be difficult but it will always be a clear one.


Once the 3D concept designs are
approved, we select the right 3D printing technology and materials to produce the model. We also combine technologies to optimize the functionality and appearance of the 3D Printed parts. Rapid Prototyping also enables any iterations required to redefine the design.

Final Prototype

At the final stage of the product
development process, the model with be 3D printed and assembled.
We provide various post processing techniques like bonding, painting, smoothing, and sanding to achieve the desired finish.


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