A Career with Proto21

Additive manufacturing and metrology are changing the way we design and manufacture. For over 10 years the Proto3000 team has been committed to empowering businesses to solve tough engineering and production challenges with our portfolio of products and services. Our technology and expertise has been instrumental in designing the next generation of aircraft, pushing performance vehicles to be faster and lighter, transforming manufacturing facilities to be ready for industry 4.0, and producing medical tools and devices that save lives.

Want to be a part of an incredible team who are changing the landscape of manufacturing? We’re looking for intelligent and passionate people who won’y shy away from challenges. If you fit the bill, apply today!

Bring your ideas to life with our dedicated services and solutions. We can either co-create a project from scratch together with you, or provide advice on how to best use the technology to suit your needs.

Business Development Representative

Full TIme – Dubai

Senior Accounting Manager

Full TIme – Dubai

Why Work @ Proto21?

Proto 21 is a creative and rewarding workplace, where employees are enabled to prosper in their roles. We are in an industry with limitless potential and as trailblazers we are continuing to define the role of additive manufacturing and metrology in advanced manufacturing. We are constantly challenged with new projects that require creativity and ingenuity to overcome, with our results having a massive impact on the future of aerospace, automotive, healthcare, consumer products and any other industry looking to evolve. Employees are our company’s source of success and as a growing firm we are looking for great minds who are inspiring, inventive and visionary. With a career at Proto21 you are able to grow as a professional, and in doing so influence the landscape of the next industrial revolution.

Work Environment

Working for Proto3000 you will find yourself in a challenging, yet exceptionally rewarding work environment. We strive to recognize the staff who have shaped the company to its present success and are always looking for those who can help us reach infinite goals. Proto 21 is committed to provide its employees a place to learn, grow and live where new ideas and opinions are always welcome. We work hard, but we play hard as well and fun is an integral part of day-to-day life here.


Every year Proto3000 welcomes interns in a variety of different roles. Our internships are a great opportunity to be immersed in 3D technology and to prepare yourself for the processes that you will face in engineering, manufacturing, architecture, medicine, and a variety of other careers paths involving advanced technology. We work with high school, college, and university students with different levels of education being challenged with different roles and degrees of immersion. Watch the video to meet a couple of our interns and their thoughts about the industry.