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Our Blog is dedicated to educate the market with the fundamentals of 3D printing along with latest news in the 3D Printing industry.

Proto21 introducing high-grade environmentally ...

Proto21 3D Printing LLC, a Dubai based 3D printing startup, is proud to announce a distribution partnership with Filamentive Limited, a UK based company, to introduce their high-grade, environmentally friendly 3D Printing filaments in the GCC region.

3D Printing vs Injection Molding

How one should choose the right method which will scale along their business? Here we’ll explore the pros and cons of two popular types of manufacturing technologies. 3D Printing and Injection Molding are very common to each other since both of the technologies have the same objective.


You can print numerous things through a 3D printer but the most significant factor to consider is using the correct material for your print. There are so many aspects which play a part in making an accurate print which includes the strength, flexibility, and reliability of the printing material.

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