Dubai Police provides 3D printed face shields to its frontline heroes


Authorities around the globe are fighting the Covid-19 in one way or other and most importantly they are taking all necessary measurements to provide the highest level of protection for their teams working in the frontline including medical staff and ambulance personnel. One such personal protective equipment is the 3D Printed Face shield which consists of a headband, a protective sheet and a reinforcement. We are extremely grateful to Dubai Police for choosing Proto21 for their requirement for the 3D printed face shields as a part of the comprehensive precautionary measure against Covid-19.

“When Dubai Police reached us out for the requirement of 3D printed face shields, we considered this as a great opportunity to serve UAE. In a short span of 8 days we manufactured 1,000 quantity of Face Shields printed with different bio-compatible 3D printing materials and was handed over after careful assembly, sterilization and packaging” said Pir Arkam, Founder and CEO of Proto21.

3D printed face shields are now being increasingly used by healthcare workers and COVID-19 frontline staff, especially police and ambulance personnel, to meet the greater need for protection. The face shields can protect workers exposed to high risks of infection from respiratory droplets from COVID-19 patients. Reports have shown that the virus can be transmitted when contaminated droplets enter the body through the eyes, nose or mouth. When worn over the face mask, the face shields provide a double layer of protection for workers who regularly come in close contact with infected patients.

“The 3D-printed face shields aim to ensure the safety of our police officers who are working on the frontlines. Unlike the regular face masks which provide limited protection by merely covering the nose and mouth, these face shields protect other exposed areas by covering the entire face,” a Dubai Police official said.

Dubai Media office has officially released this collaboration on twitter and other international news platforms.

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As the novel coronavirus disease continues to spread, healthcare workers and other industry professionals are facing a big shortage for protective face shields and other medical devices. Understanding this current requirement for the 3D printed face shields in UAE we have completely turned over our 3D printing facility into a manufacturing site for face shields and other 3D Printed Protective Equipment. The 3D printed face shields are manufactured with our HP Multi Jet Fusion technology using medical grade bio compatible PA12 Nylon Powder. This advanced manufacturing technology has helped us to maximize the production capacity by increasing the number of parts printed at a time for a lower cost.

Today, we are extremely proud and delighted to say that thousands of individuals working in the frontline in UAE are using our 3D printed shields for safety. We are continuing our production to keep up with the demand of the PPEs. Our 3D Printed face shields are reusable type that can be cleaned and disinfected to compensate the shortage of materials across the space.

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