Dubai Police provides 3D printed face shields to its frontline heroes

Authorities around the globe are fighting the Covid-19 in one way or other and most importantly they are taking all necessary measurements to provide the highest level of protection for their teams working in the frontline including medical staff and ambulance personnel. One such personal protective equipment is the 3D Printed Face shield which consists of a headband, a protective sheet and a reinforcement. We are extremely grateful to Dubai Police for choosing Proto21 for their requirement for the 3D printed face shields as a part of the comprehensive precautionary measure against Covid-19.

“When Dubai Police reached us out for the requirement of 3D printed face shields, we considered this as a great opportunity to serve UAE. In a short span of 8 days we manufactured 1,000 quantity of Face Shields printed with different bio-compatible 3D printing materials and was handed over after careful assembly, sterilization and packaging” said Pir Arkam, Founder and CEO of Proto21.

3D printed face shields are now being increasingly used by healthcare workers and COVID-19 frontline staff, especially police and ambulance personnel, to meet the greater need for protection. The face shields can protect workers exposed to high risks of infection from respiratory droplets from COVID-19 patients. Reports have shown that the virus can be transmitted when contaminated droplets enter the body through the eyes, nose or mouth. When worn over the face mask, the face shields provide a double layer of protection for workers who regularly come in close contact with infected patients.

“The 3D-printed face shields aim to ensure the safety of our police officers who are working on the frontlines. Unlike the regular face masks which provide limited protection by merely covering the nose and mouth, these face shields protect other exposed areas by covering the entire face,” a Dubai Police official said.

Dubai Media office has officially released this collaboration on twitter and other international news platforms.

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As the novel coronavirus disease continues to spread, healthcare workers and other industry professionals are facing a big shortage for protective face shields and other medical devices. Understanding this current requirement for the 3D printed face shields in UAE we have completely turned over our 3D printing facility into a manufacturing site for face shields and other 3D Printed Protective Equipment. The 3D printed face shields are manufactured with our HP Multi Jet Fusion technology using medical grade bio compatible PA12 Nylon Powder. This advanced manufacturing technology has helped us to maximize the production capacity by increasing the number of parts printed at a time for a lower cost.

Today, we are extremely proud and delighted to say that thousands of individuals working in the frontline in UAE are using our 3D printed shields for safety. We are continuing our production to keep up with the demand of the PPEs. Our 3D Printed face shields are reusable type that can be cleaned and disinfected to compensate the shortage of materials across the space.

3D Printed Face Shields in Dubai UAE

Proto21 Pledges Support to fight Covid-19 pandemic

As the novel coronavirus disease continues to spread, healthcare workers and other industry professionals are facing a big shortage for protective face shields and other medical devices. According to World Health Organization the best way to prevent and slow down the transmission of COVID-19 virus is to take the necessary precautions. The virus gets spread through a droplet from an infected person through coughing or sneezing and try to enter the host through their nose or mouth. That’s where it’s paradise is and that is where the face shields come into action. It is no rocket science, the bottom line is to block the virus droplets from entering your body and experts around the globe has seen a lot of success with 3D printed face shields.

Understanding the current requirement for the 3D printed face shields in UAE, Proto21 has completely turned over our 3D printing facility into a manufacturing site for these 3D Printed Protective Equipments. The 3D printed face shields are manufactured with our HP Multi Jet Fusion technology using medical grade bio compatible PA12 Nylon Powder. This advanced manufacturing technology has helped us to maximize the production capacity by increasing the number of parts printed at a time for a lower cost. Right now we have healthcare worker professionals and others using our face shields. Ours is a reusable model that can be cleaned and disinfected to compensate the shortage of materials across the space.

Features of our 3D Printed Face shield:

• Reusable: Our 3D printed face shields can be easily cleaned and disinfected to reuse with disinfectant cleaners or sanitizer.

• Quality: High quality medical grade 3D printed parts.

• Comfort: Its flexible, non-rigid and comfortable to wear.

• Design Iterations: Our design team can customize your face shields, add your company names or logo.

• Advanced 3D printing technology: More 3D printed parts at a lower cost to reduce the wastage of materials.

Our 3D printing team is busy producing and assembling 2000 3D printed face shields in a week. We are also 3D printing other devices like ventilator splitters, face masks, door openers on demand.

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3D Printed Figurines in Dubai, UAE

3D Printed Figurines widely knows us ‘mini-me’ or ‘3D Selfies’ are a 3D printed miniature figurine of a person based on their 2D pictures or a photorealistic scan. The demand for 3D Figurines have rapidly grown over the years as end users have become more and more excited about the technology and the results. In this article, we have put together various processes of 3D printing a figurine, the technologies involved and finally a link to get yourself a 3D Printed Figurine. To begin with here are the two processes involved in the making of the figurines,

The Process of creating a 3D File, 3D scanning or 3D modeling from 2D Images

A full body 3D scanning is generally used to capture the photo data of the client. However, 3D scanning may not completely be able to capture the contours and shiny objects resulting in inconsistent results. This is one major reasons why experts like us rely on building the 3D model from scratch. Once a 2D picture is received, the data will be analyzed by the 3D designer. It requires a lot of manual design job to fix the files before it can be 3D printed. Different 3D softwares are used to bring out the organic design and to fill in the missing texture. 3D Figurine making is an Art.

The Process of 3D Printing a Figurine

Color jet printing or multi jet printing is mostly used to 3D print figurines. The models are 3D printed using a gypsum based sandstone powder. Firstly, the main print head will jet the binding agents and the second print head jets the colored ink. Inks with different colors are usually combined to produce different rays of colors. After 3D printing, the model are coated with an infiltrant material to increase the strength and also bring out the vibrancy of the colors. Furthermore a technique called epoxy layering can also be done by a skilled team to improve the color appearance of the 3D printed model.

Why it is important to use the right 3D printers to make 3D figurines,

At Proto21, we have the best multi-color 3D printer the Projet 660 pro from 3D Systems
for a full color industrial 3D printing of photorealistic objects. The Projet 660 pro has many advantages making it one of the best full color 3D printer ideal for 3D printing figurines. There are many reasons why we use the Projet 660 to print our figurines,
firstly, high quality prints, the CJP Projet 660 pro provides a very high resolution full color 3D printing specifically for figurines. Secondly, the Industry reference, It is no doubt that CJP Projet 660 is one of the best choices for many 3D printing companies when it comes to having an in-house all-in-one 3D figurine solution. And lastly, it has one of the largest print volume of (254 × 381 × 203 mm) for a full color 3D printer, big enough to print large 3D figurines or individual portraits.

What are the benefits of 3D printing for figurines? Hear from the experts.

3D figurines: A Unique gift to capture your Memories in 3D

3D Figurines are amazing gifts to remember special occasions like birthdays, graduations or weddings. They are a great customized replacement to photographs where you can touch and feel the entire model.

Action Hero Figure: A Customized action figure or 3D Printed toy

3D printed figurines can be custom made to your likes and dislikes, imagine having a superhero 3D printed figure with your own face on it, isn’t that amazing! Similarly the possibilities of 3D figurine creativities are endless.

Get in touch with our sister company SKLPTOR which is dedicated only for figurines.
Our latest tool lets you create a mini statue (Figurine) of anyone, in 5 minutes! Once you are done customizing, we will 3D Print it and ship your Mini Statue to anywhere in the world.
Just Upload 3 images, select your gender, outfit and hair style. We will take care of everything else!

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3D Printed Dragon Model for Ajlani Motors Drakuma Hypercar

Supercars have always been inspired by unique concepts, Ferrari has a black prancing horse as their logo, Lamborghini’s bull logo shows their founder’s extreme interest in Spanish bullfighting sport, similarly the two flying wings in Bentley, Jaguar’s roaring face of a Jaguar and dodge ram are all unique concept designed with passion and vision.

Similarly, the ‘Drakuma’ is a Hypercar concept design by the CEO of Ajlani Motors, Bashar Ajlani with a long held vision to become the next Pagani. After 5 years of crafting, the Drakuma hypercar was finally unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show in 2019. According to statements, this model unveiled at the show is only a full-size mock-up but the company will be moving to production in the future with a 1200 horsepower engine and V8 Biturbo engine. Still being in the concept phase, the hypercar is believed to have two seats and carbon fiber body with the doors of the drakuma opening like a dragon’s wing.

While drakuma car certainly stole the show, a gorgeous 3D printed sculpture of a dragon enriched the event by attracting visitors. This state of art of the dragon model is 3D printed by Proto21 after being approached by Bashar Ajlani on understanding our capabilities and entrusting us with a huge part of his dream project. A few other parts of the drakuma car like the left and right design parts of the car were also 3D printed by us. It also completes Proto21 goal not to compromising when it comes to quality.

As seen, the 3D printed model shows a dragon emerging from the egg which is the logo and inspiration for the Ajlani Drakuma Supercar. The entire model was 3D printed as various parts using different 3D printing technologies like the most advanced HP MJF technology and SLA technology. The 3D printed parts were carefully put together and later finished with paint job complete the dragon model. The Painting job was done by our highly experienced and skilled team using top quality European imported paint to achieve the final look and mirror finish.

The Drakuma project is a huge example of the capacity of Proto21 as a 3D printing company to become a part of the clients’ requirement and bring together different technologies like 3D Printing, model making, chrome paining and other high quality finishing services to combine all the aesthetic and functional part of the design.

3D Printing Transparent Clear Resin in Dubai, UAE

The use of transparent models in 3D printing is increasingly becoming an in-demand option for various industries and a wide range of customised projects using 3D printing in Dubai and across the region. Some of the top sectors that make good use of transparent 3D printing services are bottle manufacturers, jewelers and engineers who use the material to demonstrate their concepts with more details and with internal views.

Transparent 3D models and textures are made by solidifying liquid resin with ultraviolet light. A skillful understanding of the right techniques and process to use is required to ensure the right level of transparency and finish are achieved.

Solid training and experience with the material have equipped Proto21 with the level of mastery needed for 3D printing clear resin. Our team can provide 90 percent clear, transparent 3D prints. The printing layer height of this material can go up to 25 microns (0.025mm), providing high-quality results like any injection molded manufactured model. Minimum details can be 0.5mm with a clearance of 0.3mm.

Important Notes on 3D Printing Transparent Resin

  • Color Changes Over Time: Due to the nature of the technology, resin 3D prints solidified with UV tend to change color over time depending on the light environment.
  • Tinge: The tinge of transparent resin models may vary slightly. The greater the thickness of the model, the more noticeable the bluish tinge becomes. The tinge color is usually blue when we bring out a model from the printer. When we apply our technical finish to bring out more clarity, it gets yellowish. But the model gets clearer within 2 to 3 days of storage in an indoor or enclosed environment.
  • Technical Finish: Post-processing of clear 3D printing material at Proto21 is a long, labor-intensive process. A model can take more than one day for just post-processing. The complete lead time for a standard model with a size of 10cm x 10cm can take up to two working days.
  • Visibility: The visibility of the layers strongly depends on the shape or the design of the model. For instance, on a curved surface, layers will be much more visible. A special coat of chemical is applied to your model in order to make it transparent. This coat also protects your model from dust and helps minimize the discoloration process.

The 4 Most Exciting 3D Printing Materials: 2020 Update

Every year, as the technology improves and expands, more and more 3D printing materials are introduced to the market. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to know which ones are worth utilizing and which ones are just a fad. Additionally, it can become even more challenging to know in which circumstances or for which products each material is best suited.

To help you make a well-informed decision, we have put together a list of the four most exciting 3D printing materials in 2020. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Plastics

For a long time, plastics have been the most commonly used material for 3D printing as they provide a wide variety of options with different specs that can be utilized for different purposes. That being said, PLA and ABS are two of the most popular plastics for many product development applications.

Polylactic acid (PLA)is derived from plant starches – which makes it one of the most affordable options – and is known for its ease of usage, ability to print excellent details, and its strong form. Additionally, PLA comes in an extensive rainbow of colors, which makes it ideal if you want 3D printing that has high visual appeal.

The advantages of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene (ABS) include its ability to create functional prototypes, and its high mechanical strengths and high thermal resistance. Its durability and toughness are among the main reasons industries worldwide opt to use this material for their 3D printing needs.

2. Polyamide (Nylon)

Slightly more expensive than plastic, polyamide is an exciting material for professional 3D printing services due to its superior flexibility and strength.

Its strong bonding quality makes it ideal for parts that require mechanical strength. Because of its rough surface that can be developed in many ways (colored, polished, spray-painted, velvet glazed), polyamide tends to be the first choice for many fields including engineering and architecture, medicine, and in the arts (e.g., sculpture).

As this material works with FDM and SLS technologies, at Proto21, we believe it performs its best when applied to concept models, functional models, medical applications, tooling, and visual arts. Other advantages include the fact that it is chemical resistant, food safe, and has high thermal properties and low moisture absorption.

3. Sandstone (Full Color)

If you require a multicolored object, then you are going to be excited to hear about sandstone, which is the ultimate full-color 3D printing material.

Often used to create figurines, avatars, or to showcase models, sandstone 3D printing is achieved by adding one layer of color at a time. At Proto21, once the model has been printed, we finish it with cyanoacrylate (super glue) sealant to guarantee durability and to sustain the vivid colors.

For many people, having a 3D printed sandstone model on their desk is the most significant benefit of this material; however, there are other advantages as well such as the affordable pricing and fast turnaround time.

That being said, it is crucial to understand that this material is not suited for producing functional parts or daily handling; else, the colors will quickly fade.

4. Resin

One of the best choices for functional and concept models, resin is especially suited for the manufacture of large parts within a shorter period of time, while preserving a tremendous amount of detail.

As a photopolymer, the resin begins as a viscous liquid that is then turned into a solid by exposing it to UV light.

There are a number of different resins available, all of which are used for different applications. At Proto21, we offer six types of resin for 3D printing and rapid prototyping:

    • Standard Grey Resin: Standard grey resin (SLA) is a high-detail resin that constructs components with a silky surface finish. Due to its fragile nature, this type of resin is best used for non-functional parts.
      Dental Resin: Dental resins (SLA) produce highly-accurate, sterilizable, and biocompatible pieces that are used to create dental implants.
    • Castable Resin: Castable resin (SLA) is a high-detail resin utilized when producing patterns for investment casting as it burns out cleanly with minimal ash or residue.
      Tough Resin: The ultimate choice when prototyping strong functional parts that can endure stress, tough resin even comes in a brilliant transparent turquoise color.
    • Durable Resin: For products or parts that have high wear and tear, the best choice is durable resin as its high elongation and high impact strength with excellent resistance from deformation ensure that it can survive the toughest conditions. Parts printed on durable resin have smooth glossy finishes, too.
    • Flexible Resin: The pieces created with flexible resin can twist and contract, making this material ideal for wearable models, such as handles, catches, and packaging.

Has your business started utilizing the exciting technology of 3D printing? If so, what do you tend to get printed and which materials do you like to use?

Alternatively, if you haven’t tried it yet (and, therefore, aren’t aware of the myriad benefits it can bring to your company), what is stopping you?

Do you have any questions about 3D printing technology and materials as they apply to your business? We can help.

Get in touch with us today.

Proto21 is now officially a member of the Autodesk Technology Impact Program

Poto21 3D Printing LLC is now officially a member of the Autodesk technology impact program in Dubai UAE

The Autodesk technology impact program is a donation by Autodesk software to nonprofits, startups, and entrepreneurs that are using design for environmental or social good. Through this donation, Autodesk helps eligible visionaries’ and entrepreneurs to automate their workflow and bring their products to the market faster.

Proto21 3D Printing LLC is honored to announce that we are now officially a member of the Autodesk Technology Impact Program and have been awarded an Autodesk software donation because of the social and environmental impact of our work. The donation contains free licenses of Product Design, Manufacturing, Architecture and Engineering software collections.

“We can’t wait to drive greater positive impact with these powerful design and creation tools. We are extremely thankful to the entire Autodesk team for supporting our mission to create positive impact! “– Founder & CEO, Pir Arkam

The following are the free software that have been awarded to Proto21 through the technology impact program:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2020
  • Autodesk Netfabb 2020
  • Autodesk Revit 2020
  • Autodesk Recap Pro 2020
  • Autodesk Mudbox 2018
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Autodesk 3Ds max 2020
  • Autodesk Inventor 2020
  • Autodesk Maya 2019

Additionally we have the capacity to work with the following file formats like

Just like Autodesk, we believe in making an impact

Through the Autodesk technology impact program, we have the power to make anything across architecture, product design, manufacturing, engineering, entertainment industries and much more without compromising sustainability. This easy access to all the powerful software has helped us to play an important part in delivering greater social and environmental impact in the community we work in. As many of our customers work in various industries, from the manufacturing to automobiles, it is important to show them all possible solutions that fit in their budget without compromising the quality of the project.

Having access to all the best Autodesk software along with the most advanced 3D printers in UAE and in the MENA region has enabled us to design, visualize, develop and 3D print prototypes for our clients in the most cost effective way. Furthermore, we have been successful in sharing our achievements and experiences with the student community in the UAE through various 3D printing workshops and training. Proto21 is enthusiastic in supporting student group and helping them to have an easy access to designing and 3D printing technology in the most inexpensive way.

 How Proto21 is making a difference with Autodesk Impact Program and using Additive manufacturing technologies in Dubai UAE?

  • Enhance the 3D designs and Engineering capabilities
  • Optimize Building Space and Material Use
  • Conceptual Design and Planning
  • Project Visualization by generating renders
  • Run simulations of the designs to enhance and improve the product development process.
  • Meet our client expectation

Chrome Painting on 3D Printed parts in Dubai, UAE

Many of us know that 3D printing has endless possibilities and keeps getting better with new transition in the market, Just when you imagine how much more exciting 3D printing could possibly be, here is our Chrome Painting technique to enhance the appearance of your 3D printed models, giving them a beautiful and artistic finish. It also creates elegance and adds strength to the 3D printed parts. Chrome or Chromium finish is a metal finish which increases the aesthetic appearance of a 3D model and keeping the parts protected from rust or erosion.

Chrome Painting is a complicated job and requires paint booths with right equipment, correct temperature setting and experienced professionals to handle every step of the process. And here at Proto21, we have the capacity and experience to do as many as number of Chrome paint jobs from small to big size in-house. We are known for our chrome paint jobs in Dubai and our portfolio speaks for itself. We offer chrome painting as an artistic element in different colors as per our client requirement bringing out the uniqueness in each 3D printed parts.

What is the Procedure

To apply chrome finishing, there are different techniques like spray cans, spray guns or air brushes depending on the surfaces but chrome painting is more of detailing than a regular painting job. The initial process is cleaning and priming, followed by several base coats. The painting itself can even be done in various steps, by adding one layer at a time, wait for it to dry and then decide to add another. The parts are then carefully washed with distilled water to remove dust particles and placed in a clean temperature controlled environment that is free of any dust.

Why Chrome finish is important for your business

Chrome finishing is known to add an artistic element to your 3D printed parts but also makes it a marketing tool especially when you are engaged in industries like manufacturing or art.  It is also going to attract a huge number of users looking for a unique touch to their parts. Being able to finish and produce parts in chrome painting is very desirable especially for sectors like automotive, aviation and aerospace. Proto21 3D Printing ensures that you have the freedom and options to bring your ideas and concepts into reality within a short period of time but in the most effective way.

3D Printing in Fight Against Corona Virus

The Covid-19 outbreak has definitely impacted various aspects of our daily life including closing of borders, social distancing and restricted movement for the public. Not just the public life, it has drastically affected the healthcare industry leaving hospitals and medical suppliers run out of face shields, masks, gloves, goggles, respiratory equipment, testing swabs are all in shortage. Not to mention the amount of other personal protection equipment (PPE) that is in demand due to the unexpected increase for them in the global supply chain.

Will 3D printing be the next alternative solution to bring necessary equipment into the hands of the needed?

As they say modern problems require modern solutions, 3D printing technology has gained a drastic demand during this unexpected covid-19 crisis around the world. Here at Proto21 3D printing LLC, we have been able to make use of our advanced 3D printing technologies to develop rapid solutions to stop spread of covid 19 in the UAE.  Moreover we have the capability to produce large number of high quality end parts in no time and deliver, our intense research and development team monitors the market requirement and are working closely with the healthcare professionals and experts in UAE to support people from different industries.


The 3D printed face shield mask was designed and produced by Prusa with verifications from the Czech Republic ministry of health to help hospitals and healthcare workers to replenish their demand for mask and face shields. This face shield protects your eyes and nose while being exposed to the patients and consists of 3D printed headband, lower part visor and a protective transparent sheet. Being a UAE based company, we have made necessary changes and improvements in the design and our printers are busy producing these 3D printed face shields at the moment.


This personal protective half mask provides a high degree of protection and comes with filter material replacement and can be reused after disinfection. It meets the same degree protection of a FFP3 (Filtering face piece) class respirator.  Proto21 has been the first to try these prototypes in Dubai UAE.


As the Covid 19 pandemic spreads, many hospitals and other healthcare facilities are facing the shortage of medical equipment especially ventilators to care of the critically ill Covid 19 patients, however 3D printing experts together with medical professionals  have developed 3D printed ventilator splitters to extend the capacity of a single ventilator to treat multiple patients. While one ventilator can support only a single patient, with the help of 3D printed 2 way splitter or a 4 way splitter different patients can be assisted based on their health conditions and ventilator settings.


This design of the hands-free door openers are developed by careful analyses by the materialize risk prevention team to fight against the spread of corona virus. As door handles are one of the most germ-infested part in offices, factories, houses and hospitals, covered arms can avoid further passing on COVID-19. This solution is easy to install and has been tested and validated. Proto21 has already made prototypes for customers in UAE and are awaiting for their approvals.

HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology (MJF) in 3D Printing

Proto21 3D printing LLC is the first 3D printing service bureau to provide multi jet fusion 3D printed parts into the MENA region. As of today we are capable of manufacturing 130-600 (size dependent) functional PA12 parts isotropic mechanical properties that can be used for detailed prototyping or end-use low volume production. Our industry engagement includes Architecture, Oil and Gas, Robotics, Functional Parts, Visual merchandising, Electronics, Casing and other sectors in Dubai and in the Middle East region.

At Proto21, we have been successful in accomplishing many prestigious projects in no time especially complex models and functional parts that needs to be 3D printed and delivered in few days in the most cost-effective ways using HP MJG technology along with reverse engineering. As we enter industry 4.0, many business is going through a massive transformation and are looking for innovative solutions to expand their freedom of manufacturing flexibility for batch production and that is where the full potential of MJF technology will be used.

What is Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology?

Multi Jet Fusion is a powder based 3D printing technology which offers much more possibilities in digital manufacturing for complex and low cost parts. It uses a fine-grained PA12 powder material that allows for ultra-thin layers of 80 microns.
HP Multi Jet Fusion technology gives the freedom to iterate and test various designs and create faster, cheaper, and more lightweight products like gauges, models, sports performance eyewear, helmets, and trophies.
Below are samples of the fresh test prints with the HP MJF 4200 in Proto21.

The PA12 is a strong thermoplastic material well-suited for high-volume functional prototyping and low-volume production applications. It also leads to an exceptionally smooth surface straight out of the printer, hence functional parts and complex thin structures, only need minimal post-production finishing. That means short lead times, ideal for functional prototypes and small series of end-parts.

Why does manufacturing industries prefer MJF over other 3D Printing technologies?

Optimize Productivity
Produce faster and more affordable high quality parts with HP MJF.
Decrease the assembly time and streamline your production processes

Cost Reduction
Produce strong, reliable and functional parts for your exact specification and smoothen your workflow. Optimize production cost with cost-efficient materials that provides optimal output and high reusability at a lower cost per part.

Quality Functional Parts
Thanks to the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology and materials which ensures your printed parts are right for the job – exact, custom, and built to applications

No Supports Required
Multi Jet Fusion technology has the ability to create any unsupported shape with overhangs. As the underlying powder supports the parts, it doesn’t need any generated structures for printing