Additive Manufacturing Services

Additive Manufacturing Services

Proto21 gives you the power of additive manufacturing with unexceptional quality, speed and reliability. Whether you are a 3D Printing enthusiast or a Product developer, our 3D printing services lets you start small and big scale as needed – exactly how manufacturing should be.

Additive Manufacturing

Produce complex designs

Additive manufacturing is the perfect solution to print complex designs that are impossible to create using the traditional manufacturing techniques. It also provides the endless possibilities and design freedom to make your ideas a reality. Highly complex and functional prototypes can be produced quickly and cost effectively with 3D Printing.

Bring your Ideas to life

We bring your ideas to life. If you are prototyping or ready for production, we take care of everything from concept to functional prototype. Our fully equipped additive manufacturing facility enables you to turn your ideas into reality within the required timeframe.

Digital inventory to optimize your supply chain

Digital inventory is a great way to get your 3D printed parts on demand without having to stock them. It can also help bring down long shipment times and make discontinued parts readily available to your customers. Digital inventory can optimize your supply chain as you don’t need to store a part in house, which means you can simply print them when you need.

Customized Solutions in short time

Our Custom made parts gives your business unparalleled manufacturing flexibility and versatility. We provide bespoke one off parts without comprising on time, cost and quality. We don’t just 3D print the model but also provide different post processing techniques and finish options to provide you the best end-use parts.

Wide range of material selection

Material selection is a huge factor in additive manufacturing and that is why only choose the best suppliers for this process. We work with Filamentive which is one of the top best FDM filament manufacturer in the world as they only use recycled materials to ensure sustainability in their production. Similarly consumables like nylon powder from HP are biocompatible and reusable to avoid wastage of materials.

Worldwide delivery

We offer 3D printing services around the globe. We ensure fast and affordable delivery to your door step no matter which part of the world you are in. Thanks to our experienced and well-resourced export department at Joseph Group, we handle shipments well. So far, we have exported 3D Printed Models to UK, France, Germany, Nigeria, Uganda, Greece, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, India and Pakistan.