About Us

About Us

Prototyping of 21st Century

Accelerating the Additive Manufacturing adoption by providing our clients with 3D printing & Design services. Ushering in the new era of product development and significantly cutting the time of concept to the market.

The 21st century has already revealed itself to be a very different ride than its predecessor, the exponential nature of myriad shifts and disruptions promising only to accelerate. In the manufacturing & prototyping industry, we have moved from reductive manufacturing to additive manufacturing. This is revolutionary and drives the manufacturing complexity to zero and reducing the development costs. Remarkably, made prototyping faster and cheaper.

Proto21 3D Printing LLC is formed in response to the burgeoning demand of the century’s requirements on 3D Printing services and consultation. To become leading Additive Manufacturer in the region, Proto21 is partnered with Joseph Group of companies. Located in the industrial hub of Dubai, we aim to serve “Dubai 3D Printing Strategy”, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Carrying this unique global initiative that aims to exploit technology for the service of humanity and promote the status of the Dubai as a leading hub for 3D design and printing services by the year 2030.

We are dedicated to accelerate the 3D printing adoption by providing Rapid Prototyping services with free consultation and delivering 3D printing training workshops. Proto21 3D Printing LLC has a solution for every phase of the product development cycle in all of the major industries.

We just don’t 3D Print or 3D Model, we can make the concepts in your mind into reality, from the very scratch. We provide a dedicated professional for each project who will provide you full consultation throughout the process for the design, functionality, finishes, choosing different materials, 3D printing or traditional manufacturing technologies, low volume production to high volume production and also towards the business point of view. With skills, technology and mastery of the 3D printing technology, our business and customer services are here to help you to achieve great projects.

Transparency, integrity and commitment help us produce long-lasting business relationships with our customers. Proto21 3D Printing LLC is built on delivering quality of services with excellent customer services and business integrity – and these traits are still at the core of everything we do today.

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